What’s foxier than Foxy Shazam?

Recently I got to live out a dream and see The Darkness in concert. After they broke up I never thought it would happen and then they put the band back together and went on tour. It was amazing, incredible, and it introduced me to Foxy Shazam. I like to do a little research on the bands that are opening. Maybe I’ll want to check them out, or maybe I can spend the time getting some drinks on the cheap somewhere else. I checked out Foxy Shazam and altered my life forever.

From the moment I watched the first video on YouTube I was hooked. There was energy, over the top lyrics, wild personalities, a horn, some crazy looking guy playing the keyboards, and a whole bunch of rock and roll. I was blown away, my senses reeling with the experience that is Foxy Shazam. I’m a sucker for horns, I love them, and Foxy Shazam has one. I love keyboards (as a keyboardist myself it’s mandatory).  Schuyler Vaughn White is a keyboard personality up there with the Keith Emersons of the world .  Eric Sean Nally does a great job on lead vocals, imparting energy into every song, engaging the audience between songs, and constantly moving, running, and jumping. He reminds me a lot of Freddie Mercury.

The Foxy Shazam sound is a musical blend of classic rock tonality with a modern presentation. Take a little Queen, a little Elton John, some Meatloaf, add overly large vocals, some horns,  some powerful rock riffs and fantastic keyboards and you have a Foxy Shazam album. I’ve had the pleasure of two of their albums, the self titled Foxy Shazam and The Church of Rock and Roll. I find both of them to be a great listen front to back.  Their energy comes across in the music and infects the listener. To me it reminds me how much fun music can be. If you’re looking for something fun and upbeat I highly recommend Foxy Shazam. Below are some of my favorite music videos.

I like it

Oh Lord



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