Rediscovering the Romantic

I’ve always been a fan of Jazz Pianists like Henry Mancini, Vince Guaraldi and Burt Bacharach. There’s something about Jazz elements combined with strings that turns me on, and these artists contributed greatly to my musical aesthetic early on. But it’s all sort of old news, and rarely do I hear something new to me in this genre.

Ladies and Gentelman, Les McCann. I’d never heard of this guy until very recently, when I stumbled across “Roberta”. Les had my full attention from the start. Immediately impressed by his fluid technique, this promised to be an expression of love and longing only a master could communicate. The Jazz trio supports him perfectly, and the introduction of strings is like the icing on the cake. As if it couldn’t get any more romantic. “Roberta” stings with its melancholy tone, yet it’s strong and so beautiful.

The nature of instrumental music encourages contemplation, and I think tracks like test are best enjoyed on a quiet evening. Maybe watching the sun set with a cocktail, if that’s your thing. There’s something about “Roberta” that makes me really happy, but in a quiet, satisfied kind of way. I catch myself gently smiling and rocking out every time. Its awesome to know that there’s more to be discovered in this type of Jazz, and for that I thank you Mr. McCann.



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