Storm Corrosion is a dessert best served warm

I would say that for me, Storm Corrosion’s self-titled debut was THE record I was looking forward to this year. I am a huge fan of Steve Wilson’s Porcupine Tree.  I think they are one of the best modern rock groups of the last 20 years.  And Mikael Âkerfeldt and his band Opeth are by far my favorite death metal band, although, after the last couple of records I think the death metal label is not really appropriate.  Storm Corrosion is these two great musical minds coming together to form a prog-metal-low-key mishmash of greatness.

Upon first listen one thing that really stands out to me is the lack of guitar riffs, booming drums, and complicated time signatures.  Instead these cornerstones of both artist’s respective main projects are replaced with subtle guitars, subdued arrangements, and light orchestration.  What is most impressive is how dark the album ultimately sounds. Through these lush string arrangements and acoustic guitars a delicious textural pie is baked and then served warm, a la mode.

I think the record showed potential for growth.  I hope this is not a one-off deal as both of these visionaries seem to have more to say together.

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