It may be summer, but I am craving some Howlin Rain

Are you ready to rock?  I SAID, ARE YOU READY TO ROCK?!?!

Howlin Rain does not fuck around. Word on the street is they killed it at Sasquatch this year with a high energy rock explosion. Their sound is unashamedly classic rock with songs that you can sing along to while banging your head.

The first track off their latest release, The Russian Wilds, is an eight-minute epic that has swirling organs, guitar solos, dudes singing harmonies, and a freaking sweet breakdown. But the breakdowns don’t stop there, on this record you have a breakdown in almost every song. Lets hear it for the breakdown, a lost art in today’s rock and roll!

The tone of the album is vintage.  Warm overdriven guitars, clean vocals with plenty of harmonies, and organ solos.  Yes, you heard me right, not only does this band have breakdowns, they have organ solos.  The second track, “Phantom In The Valley” is a great example of this bands adventurous side.  Right after a straight-ahead Hammond solo, they bust out with a sort of bluesed-out Cuban breakdown, they toss in a sweet horn solo that sounds like Tito Puente watching the directors cut of Easy Rider, and then they do an 80’s fade out to end the song.  Preach!

Summer is upon us, and this record belongs in your playlist. I think it would pair well with Tecate tall boys and barbequed beef brisket.  Bon appétit!



  1. I’ve never heard of these guys, but they sound sweet. I like Ethan Miller’s other band Comets on Fire, but didn’t know he had another band

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