Getting Amped up with Adrenaline Mob’s Omerta

Adrenaline Mob is one of the newest projects from ex-Dream Theater drummer Mike Portnoy. They have filled their first album Omerta with plenty of songs to either bang your head to or close the blinds and engage in some serious air-guitaring. Joining Mike Portnoy is Russell Allen (Symphony X) on vocals, Mike Orlando (Sonic Stomp) on guitar, and John Moyer (Disturbed) on bass. If you are expecting any sort of prog metal masterpiece between Portnoy and Allen you won’t find it here. This is nothing but straight up Metal!  I was hooked the first time I heard this album. It’s got everything I love about metal albums. The album is full of blistering guitar solos, pounding drum riffs, growling vocals and plenty of hair. For those of you who like the metal ballads this album even has two of them “All on the Line” and “Angel Sky”.

This album kicks it into gear with the first track “Undaunted” that sets the mood (and the recipe) for the rest of the album. This song opens with a driving beat on the drums, growling vocals, and a sick guitar riff with a blistering guitar solo. This album doesn’t have a bad song on it though some of the songs stand out more than others. Russell Allen does a superb job on a cover of Duran Duran’s “Come Undone” with Lzzy Hale (Halestorm) adding backup vocals. They do a great job of making the song their own yet still retaining enough of the original so that it is easily recognizable. For sheer metal power I really like “Hit the Wall” which reminds me a little of Black Label Society. Portnoy launches this song with a great pounding drum fill before the vocals and the main guitar riff come in. Portnoy and Orlando have a ripping guitar/drum breakdown midway through this song before they slow things down for the extended outro.

The band plays really well together even though they haven’t been around that long. The band hit the ground running with the release of Omerta, a European Tour, and a music video for one of the tracks off of Omerta, “Indifferent”. If their first show is any indication of how much this band enjoys playing together I can easily see them making more albums in the near future. They recorded a live cover of Black Sabbath’s Mob Rules from their first show (this was before Moyer joined the band). This cover was unfortunately left off of Omerta but is on their EP. Disturbed is currently on an extended hiatus right now so that frees up John Moyer’s schedule to spend plenty of time with this band either touring or recording a second album. I am excited to see how this band develops overtime especially after they grow tighter together over a tour. Fans of metal and Portnoy won’t be disappointed!



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