“Survival” by Muse – Official Song of the 2012 Summer Olympics

This may be one of the best Summer Olympics ever. On top of of it being the Games of the  XXX Olympiad (which I am just immature enough to really enjoy) the Olympics are being held in London this year. I am sure that there will be a great many cultural salutes in the opening and closing ceremonies. Muse (one of my favorite groups) has a new song out entitled Survival and it has been chosen to be the official song of London 2012.

I am very excited about this for a number of reasons, the main one being that it is new material from Muse. I’ve listened to Survival a few times and I really like it. I’m getting really excited for the new album 2nd Law, out this September. I’ve always really liked Muse and have enjoyed each new album and the band’s progression.

The song begins with an epic orchestral section that moves into a very Queen-esque staccato piano riff. The lyrics for this song have a strong competitive theme to them which I really like. I know that a large part of the Olympics is the coming together of many different peoples and cultures, but there is a part of me that really likes to see my country on the top of the medal counts.

The video is filled with images of athletes, current and past, in preparation, competition, and celebration. It’s a pretty good video, and is getting me quite excited for the Games to start tomorrow.

I have a link to the video below. Good luck to all the athletes competing in the Olympics this year. Go USA!


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