The Best Is Yet To Come

The passage of time is getting harder to deal with as I get older. It’s not so much the time as it is the changes. Things I loved are gone, or over. The people I love are getting older and in some cases moving on to the next great adventure. Change is scary. The new may not be as good as the current, or past. That’s the fear really, that I’m giving up something great for something not as good. Change is inevitable though. It is the one true constant, and I should learn to accept it. It can always get better too.

As I get older many of the bands and musicians I’ve listened to over the years are stopping, retiring, passing on. Regardless of the method the change is there. The Scorpions announced their retirement a few years ago when their final album, Sting in the Tail was released. I love The Scorpions. There’s so many great songs, but Rock You Like A Hurricane, No One Like You, Winds Of Change, and so many more were big ones for me (probably The Zoo, and Big City Lights too). I love the music, and couldn’t imagine not having it around while I was growing up, now, or for years to come. Needless to say, The Scorpions’ retirement was big new to me. I made sure I got tickets to their tour when it came through the Pacific Northwest. And it was awesome.

Sting in the Tail is a great album and probably deserves a post of it’s own, but the final song The Best Is Yet To Come is the subject of this one. The Best Is Yet To Come is a great finale number both in the lyrics and the music. Lyrically it is an ode to rock and roll, and of the future while acknowledging the past. As The Scorpions begin their somewhat extended farewell they end their last album with the message that the best is yet to come. How can it not be when rock was their life for so long? It’s a very optimistic view of the future and I like it, I embrace it even.

Musically it’s a rock ballad, fitting for a band like the Scorps to go out with. It’s just so damn fitting.

I really enjoy this song a lot. I fear change, and to have such an optimistic viewpoint is a good thing. On top of it I have great memories of this song. There’s a great “Hey-a Hey-o” part that a whole crowd of enthusiastic fans all sang with me. Some of my family was there with me singing along too. I’ve even danced with one of my best friends at a wedding to it. On top of all the memories there is a personal significance to this exact time of my life. I’ve recently moved, and there’s new people in my life, new bands, new friends, and many new opportunities. How can I not embrace that optimism, especially when presented by The Scorpions.

I love the song, I love the message, and I most definitely love The Scorpions.


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  1. Love this song – loved the concert! And I have you to thank for introducing me to the Scorpions (and well… to be frank… pretty much all the music I listen to! Ha!). Thank god you have such good taste in music! 🙂 And let’s keep the tradition alive – The Best is Yet to Come is my official/reserved Wallace Wedding Dance!

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