Youtube Appreciation Post #1

Youtube is great, a music lovers best friend. It used to be you had to send off to West Yugoslavia for a crappy sounding, Low-Fi bootleg of your favorite bands long forgotten live material, or ultra rare outtake album. I’ve done it. It was expensive and half the time you got ripped off. One record I bought had music in only the left ear and a sharp, painful beeping in the right. Really? Really.

These days you go to Youtube. They’ve got everything.

Groove infused Pre-Industrial German prog rock?

They got it

U.K. Two-Tone rocksteady political Ska?

Skank it up rude boy

Wanna know what it was like to audition for Frank Zappa?

Steve can tell you

It’s incredible. I can’t imagine being a kid growing up in the Internet Age. To be just beginning your musical journey and to have such a tool at your disposal. It almost makes me mad. In my day I walked twenty miles with an angry rattlesnake tied to my ankle, uphill, in the freezing sun to get my hand-etched “Youth of Today” colored vinyl 7inch Dutch Import. I freaking earned that shit man. But it’s okay, I’m alright, I won’t fault someone for being born better than me. Well played Father Time, you win this round!

Do you like the MC5? You should, cause they like you. You can hear it in this performance. I swear in the middle the singer even says your name. Listen.

Looking at You

Maybe you want something to boggle the mind?

Here’s a little Luv

Whatever your flavor you can find it on Youtube. That’s a free commercial Youtube. I’m not saying you owe me something or anything but…you know…whatever.

I’ll leave you with this, because it’s something I paid 35 bucks for back in the day, on scratchy VHS, and now it’s just sitting there waiting to be watched, for FREE!

You won’t last 5 minutes

I still say it was money well spent.


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