The End of an Era: Mark and Brian sign off

I love music in the car. There’s nothing like a suitable soundtrack to get from point A to B, and traditionally it’s my current favorite album or artist. There’s always been an exception. For the last twenty years, when I’ve found myself traveling on early weekday mornings, I tune in to the Mark & Brian Radio Program. It’s ritual. And now that it has ended, I reflect on the role it’s played throughout the many phases and changes in my life.

I recall listing to the Mark & Brian Radio Program as early as 1991, traveling to a new Elementary School in a new state. In High School when my teenage angst prevented meaningful communication with my parents, sometimes I’d miss the bus and they’d have to drive me. Mark & Brian allowed us to laugh together when we couldn’t even talk. While attending music school in college, I called them up and played my saxophone on the air for free Disneyland tickets. The novelty of recently moving to Southern California, just five miles away from where they broadcast, has not been wasted on me. Hearing their voices while sitting in horrendous LA traffic makes me feel close to home with a sense of fond familiarity.

Mark and Brian first debuted on KLOS in 1985. Since then, they’ve been entertaining us with comedy sketches, celebrity interviews and annual events. Here are a few of my personal favorites:

Mark announced his retirement from radio on June of 2012, and is relocating to North Carolina with his family. After some suspense, Brian has also decided to leave KLOS to launch his own Podcast.

There’s not a single chapter of my life in the last two decades when they were not present in some way. There’s no other comparable link to my past like this one, and I can’t let it pass without giving some serious props. They’ve made me laugh, kept me updated on current events, introduced me to new music (Batlord!), and connected me to priceless friends (I love you Wallace Brown). There’ll be a morning in the not-so-distant future when I realize how much I took them for granted. Thank you for your public service Mark & Brian. You will be missed.

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