Monsters of Rock-Tober: Lordi reigns supreme!


It’s almost Halloween and the nights are getting darker, the weather is getting colder, and my rock is getting more Monster. This time of year is great for artists like Alice Cooper, and groups like BATLORD, Here Come The Mummies, and Lordi. Lordi is a Finnish monster rock band. They perform in some pretty serious costumes, and fully embrace the monsters within.

Lordi’s first album Get Heavy was released in 2002 and the band reached some success with their first single “Would You Love A Monsterman?”  Their next album The Monsterican Dream is my personal favorite and contains one of my favorite songs “Blood Red Sandman”. This song is great, but the video is even better. It’s got a great horror movie style that has a Cabin In The Woods style to it.

I like Lordi for several reasons. I totally respect any band that commits to costumes like GWAR or Turisas.  Some of my favorite movies are monster or horror films and Lordi’s music fits right in with that style of movie. Many of their music videos feel like mini horror films.  As it gets closer to Halloween more Lordi can be heard coming from any speakers I happen to have control over. They have become one of my favorite fall traditions. Below are some of my favorite videos. Enjoy!


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