Hal – Be With You

Growing up poor in the eighties meant that most of what you had came left-over from the seventies. Subsequently, I’ve hated most things 1970’s my whole life. I’ve made great strides over the years though. I love corduroy. The BeeGees are one of my favorite bands. And I truly believe that yellow, white and brown make a great color scheme.

I figure if I can somehow re-write that decade mentally, forcing out all the crappy parts of the seventies, and filtering in the good, I just might be able to come to terms with my shag-carpeted past. Which brings me to the song we’re listening to today.

Hal seems to remember the seventies fondly too. Most of their first album is pure A.M. Gold. This track, off of their second, and most current album, is a bit more modern, but still deeply rooted in a 1970’s vibe.

The vocals on the chorus are so good I could hear them on a loop for two weeks and still want more. It’s the kind of chorus your band wishes it could write. I wish I wrote it. And to be fair, I think Brian Wilson wrote it first, but that does little to take the sparkle off of it.

I love the bass player! He’s killing it the entire time. Soulful, rooted-noted bounces, and beautiful melodic lines give structure to the track. And the way he locks up with the drummer is magic. I want to see this band live!

So be like me and get friendly with the seventies. Hal is already there, and willing to show you the way.

Be With You

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