A soaring Marlin? Thanks for the image Scott Stapp

Sometimes songs are just bad, so bad in fact that they become great. People are drawn to things that are just terrible. Maybe watching the fruit of someone else’s labor crash and burn makes us feel better about our own shortcomings. Some might say that Tay Zonday’s “Chocolate Rain” would fall in that category (sorry Tay). It must be something to account for the almost 90 million views that Chocolate Rain has. I always thought it was his creepy lizard-like eyes.

For me the pinnacle of awful, and also unnecessary is Scott Stapp. Basically everything he ever did with Creed and his own work. However there is one shining gem, and bright star amongst the darkness that is the Stapp catalogue. It’s so mind-blowingly bad that it’s incredible. It’s definitely my favorite thing that has to do with Scott until the article announcing his retirement comes out.

This blog has traditionally been about only the positive things. I’m going to take a moment and ask for forgiveness from my fellow contributors because I have to share this song. It has brought a smile to my face, and laughter from my soul since the day I first discovered it. This eternal gift is “Marlins Will Soar” by Scott Stapp, an ode to the Florida Marlins (now the Miami Marlins) baseball team. I heard it first on a local radio show, and it quickly became a topic of local and national radio show, especially sports shows. Even Jim Rome spent some time on it.

The song is a alternate version of “You Will Soar” off of Scott’s 2005 album The Great Divide.  Stapp took his song and adapted the lyrics to be about the Florida Marlins , baseball games, and something that sounds like “doble plays.” Lyrically this song is a treasure, especially when Scott tells the listener that the Marlins which are fish, are going to soar. You know, soar, like rise into the air and fly away. Because that’s what fish do right? Also as a side note, while I was watching YouTube videos in the video for “You Will Soar” there is a shot of Scott’s lyric sheet where he’s got it as “YOU… WILL SORE…” You can’t make this stuff up.  There are parts of the lyrics where it sounds like he’s just listing off baseball terms.  Triple plays, stolen bases, perfect games. Thanks Scott, I got it. You know baseball terms. How about you take some time and learn about music too?

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