The Best Neo-Hispani-Rootsy-Folk Band I Have Heard All Year

david wax promo shot

David Wax Museum is a band that everyone likes, and if a person doesn’t like them, they just have not heard them yet. All you have to do is see them live and you can’t help but start tapping your feet, clapping your hands and dancing to the Mexican-inspired rhythms, fun arrangements, and smart harmonies. In short, the music is fun, smart, and original.  The music plays well in a club but would translate just as well in a living room among friends.  And when you see the energy of David Wax Museum live, you feel like they are putting on a show for an entire stadium audience.

Although I hate to use the term “rootsy”, you can’t help it for a band that plays a jarana and uses the skeletal remains of a donkey’s jaw bone as a percussion instrument. But trust me, it is not shitty rootsy, it is awesome rootsy. So often rootsy music comes off sounding tired and nothing more than regurgitations of an artist’s romantic idea of old music. The David Wax Museum is doing the opposite by looking forward with their music, riffing on themes that remind me of times I would have spent in Mexico if I had ever left the resort.

The great thing about this band is that they appeal to all sorts of folks. Tonight I am going to see them with my parents. My mom loves them. Coming along for the show is my little brother, his girlfriend, my wife, and my old cello teacher might show up. Like I said, everyone likes David Wax Museum! If you have not made plans for tonight, check them out. If you see me, feel free to buy me a beer.

Show Info:
1001 SE Morrison in Portland

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