Buke and Gase Do Awesome By Themselves

bukegassbygrantcornett2Buke and Gase take the do it yourself ethos to the next level.  Not only do they build their own instruments, amplifiers, and effects, these homemade items don’t sound like shit. Generally speaking, musicians are not electrical engineers and often times when bands start building or modifying equipment there is a risk that things will begin to sound pretty shitty, pretty quick.  However, Buke and Gass slams the door on shitty and embraces the awesome.

There are only two of them but with both utilizing all four limbs a jamboree of percussive driving music forms.  The music hints at psychedelic carnivals and Phillip Glass if he was on a bad trip. Arone Dyer plays the buke, which is an adapted baritone ukelele and Aron Sanchez plays the gass, a hybrid bass and guitar.  The icing on the cake is when Arone Dyer begins singing with a voice that is by far the crispest and clearest part of the sound.  It all comes together to form a refreshing new sound that is worth sitting down and listening to. I suppose I would consider the sound to be progressive-post-noise-pop, but I don’t want to paint them into a corner.

I discovered this band when they opened up for Deerhoof last time they were in Portland.  They are going to be at the Doug Fir on February 16th and I highly suggest you check them out.  Their new record General Dome comes out at the end of the month and as of this writing you can find it streaming over at NPR music.  Also check out the last record Riposte.  Not a bad track on it!

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