Dead Feather Moon is San Diego’s Modern Classic Rock Band

Dead Feather MoonDead Feather Moon is a five piece rock band out of San Diego. They incorporate blues rock, classic rock, beards, and long hair into their style that is reminiscent of The Black Keys and classic rock in general. The band has been around since 2007. Since then they have released a EP, Leave Heaven to the Birds, in 2009 and their first full-length album Dark Sun in 2011 and won Best Alternative Rock Back at the San Diego Music Awards in 2012. Dark Sun is filled with 42 minutes of great rock n roll without a bad song on it. Their songs are catchy, with good lyrics and a great classic rock sound.Two of songs off the album, “1907” and “Dark Horse” are really catchy and show their strong song writing abilities. “1907” is a song about working in the West Virginia mines and the bluesy rock feel of it reminds me a lot of The Black Keys. My favorite track on this album is “Dark Horse” which is a darker rock song and their second single off their album.   I think that this band has a lot of potential to be a great rock n roll band and can’t wait for them to release another album. While the band has been getting more press lately they are still a small local band which I love since it means that their concerts are affordable and they still play at some of the smaller local music venues. Dead Feather Moon is a great local rock band to see live. Their shows are full of energy, full of great sound, and are usually at some of the better music venues in town like the Casbah, Belly Up, and Soda Bar. They will be playing at Soda Bar in San Diego later this month on Saturday March 16th with the Brothers Weiss and Mrs. Henry.


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