Charlie Haden’s Land of the Sun is a beautiful masterpiece

220px-Charlie_Haden,_Land_of_the_Sun_coverCharlie Haden is a jazz bass player who I feel I have not devoted enough time to learning his music. Every time I hear something from this very diverse and very talented player I always enjoy it. His 2005 collaboration with Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Land of the Sun, is one of his albums that I happily stumbled upon by accident and continuously come back to time and time again. This is a beautiful romantic jazz masterpiece with Charlie Haden on bass, Gonzalo Rubalcaba on piano, Ignacio Berroa on drums/percussion and a variety of other great musicians. All of the songs except two were originally written by the Mexican composer Jose Sabre Marroquin while the other two were written by two other Mexican composers: Armando Manzanero and Augustine Lara. This album is just absolutely stunningly beautiful and it well deserves the grammy it won Haden in 2005 for best Latin Jazz album. This was Haden’s and Rubalcaba’s second collaboration on a latin jazz album and their second grammy together after winning one for their previous collaboration Nocturne. Rubalcaba is an absolute amazing Cuban pianist who did a wonderful job of arranging the delicate music for this album. It’s probably my favorite album to put on to either enjoy a nice relaxing morning watching the sun rise or at the end of the day when I just want to sit down, relax, look back at my day and smile. The music is simple and relaxing while also being eloquent and uplifting. The fifth track on the album, Nostalgia, always puts a smile on my face and is a great way to enjoy a beautiful sunset or a relaxing three day Memorial Day weekend.


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