Spending my summer with Walk The Moon

Last summer I went a little nuts buying new music. Most of them were blind buys, by which I mean I bought the whole album knowing only one song, or sometimes none of them. Most of the time this kind of endeavor turns out successful and  I add brand new treasures to my hoard of music. Other times it back fires and I buy crap… instant buyer’s remorse.

One of the best buys I bought was the self-titled Walk The Moon album. They had a single off of it with “Anna Sun” that was on some of the radio stations here in Portland. The song is catchy, starts slow and builds nicely (also has a great video). It’s heavy with synths and drums, which really gets me going. That combo can really reach in deep and get the body moving. It’s also a hell of a lot of fun to sing along with, which for me can make-or-break a purchase. It was coming on to summertime when I first heard it, and I’m an avid fan of rolling through Portland or wherever I am going with the windows down and the speakers blaring. That asshole next to you playing his music so loud every car nearby can hear it…. that’s me. Honestly I actually think my car stereo isn’t loud enough. If I can roll down the highway at 65 mph and still hear road noise my stereo is lacking. My limp stereo aside, I like playing the song loud enough to drown out my tone deaf attempt at singing.

I remember mulling over the purchase a bit. “Should I or shouldn’t I?” One minute I would, another I wouldn’t in lieu of even more progressive rock for the collection. Finally I clicked on “Purchase” and the decision was made. The songs slowly downloaded and even more slowly added them to my phone. The next time I was in the car and queued up “Anna Sun” and enjoyed the the few minutes of familiarity I had at the time.

As the summer progressed I would play the song over and over as I tend to do when something really grabs me. Then finally I played from the first track. I loved it! So many of the songs have a great energy to them, lots of drums and synths, great choruses to sing along with, and each song different from the last. Quickly other songs grew to match my love of “Anna Sun”.  “Next In Line” was my next favorite (and only now as I write this do I find a small amount of irony in that). It’s got some great imagery of what I imagine are summer nights and drive in the car. It fit perfectly with my favorite summer pastime, late night cruises in the Marky-Mark (my 1999 Mercury Grand Marquis). The next one was “Jenny.” Oh, how I fell in love with this song. It’s got a nice, sexy hook. It’s full of energy and passion, and curves.  Lots of curves, just how I like my roads and my women.

From start to finish this album really kicks ass. It’s a great summer album, an amazing summer album and should really be on people’s radar. “Anna Sun” made Esquires list of 30 Songs Every Man Should Listen To. With all the synths and drums it really benefits from a nice stereo, with loud speakers, and great frequency range. I say go check it out, play it loud, and enjoy.

Walk The Moon plays Portland’s Roseland Theater on October 21, 2013.

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