Sinoia Caves: Horror Synthesized

Sinoia Caves are a one man show that is the brain child of Jeremy Schmidt, who also plays synthesizer for Black Mountain (who are fantastic).  I first got wind of Sinoia Caves at a Black Mountain show, and then saw that Mr. Schmidt only had one album, The Enchanter Persuaded.   However, later that year I saw a movie that completely stunned me; Beyond The Black Rainbow, only to discover that the music was done, also by Sinoia Caves, and I became an even greater fan.  The movie is driven by the sound, and Sinoia Caves manages to convey the fear, discovery, and horror with seemingly little effort.  In listening to the soundtrack, which plays like a lovechild of Pink Floyd’s Darkside of the Moon, Tangerine Dream, and John Carpenter, I immediately get goosebumps on the principal evil of Run Program: Sentionauts as it puts me in a trance.


Jeremy Schmidt, of Sinoia Caves, has an exciting career ahead of him, and I am excited to see/hear what new things he can produce.  Again, his music plays like a dream, and he does a fantastic job on both albums of blending his tracks together to make them feel as if they are continuous.  He produces such sound, such horror, that I feel if he were making music in the golden age of sci-fi horror, we would all know his name.


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