The Coup: Hip-Hop, Funk, and Politics

I don’t remember when I was first introduced to The Coup, however, I do remember how they taught me that not only can music and politics blend, but can be awesome.  An often overlooked group, with a focus on lyrics that tell a story with a funky undertone (compliments of Pam the Funkstress) The Coup were never a group that broke out mainstream.  With only six albums to my knowledge, they first hit the scene in 93′ and stayed busy to the early 2000’s.  Their best album, though, came in 2006 under “Pick A Bigger Weapon.”  The tracks focus on the Bush Administration and showed a new depth their previous albums had missed.  Their new attitude and professionalism were able to shine as their sound became honed.  Throughout the album, their tracks feature instrumental hooks as well as superior vocals their previous albums lacked, and I love it.


The above track is my favorite on the album, and it was the first time I felt as if music had triggered something else inside of me other than contemplation.  I felt anger and a need to go out and do something, and often in college, this track would push me to do more.  Again with politically incised lyrics and rare ability to combine a progressive story, funk, and a concise message; The Coup answered a call during a confusing time.  The only lasting question I have is, The Coup where are you?

I need more of this.




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