El Michels Affair: Sound of the Wu-Tang

This album is nothing but fun.  Enter the 37th Chamber by El Michels Affair is a blend of funk instrumentals based on Wu-Tang Clan songs with voice overs from Shaw Brothers films that have given the album a great flow.  I have listened to this album so many times, I often forget that it is in fact sounds of the Wu-Tang, so when I hear classics like C.R.E.A.M. I have to remind myself that Wu-Tang performed them originally without the dubbed language inserts.


The album is something that is very approachable and everyone across all genres seems to enjoy.  Most people do not even realize they are listening to remixed hip-hop songs, which just emphasizes El Michels Affair’s ability to reach across platforms.  Since this album, his second, he has released several others, all good, but with hip-hop close to my heart, Enter the 37th Chamber will always remain close to me.



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