William Elliott Whitmore: The Sound We All Forgot..

I have been following William Elliot Whitmore since 2005 album release Ashes To Dust, which is still my favorite.  Since then, I feel as if I have grown with him, as he has put out more and more albums.  He has evolved his sound from a man strumming a guitar and relying on his voice to being able to explore his sound.  He has released duets, pushed his limits continually to strive to make himself better, and tried to evolve over time and I cannot help respect the obvious work he puts into his professionalism.

Below is one of his earlier tracks where you can tell he relies singularly on himself.  It has a simple rhythm and what carries the song is Whitmore’s outstanding voice that simply makes my back ache.  I feel as if I have been working a day out in the fields in God fearing country, and I love it.


Whereas in his newer album Radium Death you can truly hear the movement and growth he has achieved.

Between those two tracks there have been 10 years, and I am just excited to see what the next 10 years he can accomplish.



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