Add Some Music to Your Day With The Beach Boys

Everybody has heard The Beach Boys before but I feel that most people are only aware of their surfer hits and never really listen to their albums anymore or if they do it is usually Pet Sounds. While Pet Sounds and their hits are great I feel that Sunflower deserves more attention. Sunflower was their 16th album and was critically acclaimed when released but this wasn’t matched in sales. Rolling Stones ranked it on their Top 500 albums and The Guardian ranked it for their top 100 albums in the UK and I can easily see why. The songwriting is absolutely fantastic on this album. Brian and Dennis Wilson wrote most of the songs but Mike Love, Bruce Johnston, Al Jardine, and Dennis Wilson all contribute as well. Daryl Dragon from the duo Captain and Tennille also contributes to this album by playing the vibraphone, harpsichord, tubular bells, piano, and drums. This album was almost called “Add Some Music” instead of “Sunflower” which would have been a great name because the track “Add Some Music to Your Day” is all about how much better music will make your day. This album is just the same in that adding it to your day will make it better.

Besides the great songwriting, the production on this album is outstanding. There are lots of overdubs on this album that create a wall of sound that is reminiscence of the sound Phil Spector went after. One of the songs that shows the great production is “Tears in the Morning” written and sang by Bruce Johnston:

After this great song, the album goes into two of the best love songs I have heard in “All I Wanna Do” and “Forever”. The album ends with one of those weird Beach Boy songs that only they could get away with in “Cool, Cool Water”. This is one of my favorite Beach Boys albums and is great for lazy summer days. So, go ahead and add some music to your day with The Beach Boys Sunflower and enjoy.


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