Willis Earl Beal Who?

I first met Willis when he came in asking for job and handed me an album of his instead of a resume.  I played it, and was blown away. Here is a guy I had seen sleep/hanging around the streets of my town, and yet was immensely talented.  In looking up his name, I saw he had competed on The Voice and had a documentary on Netflix.  How was he on my streets looking for work?

I began to dive into his sound, and I heard the tortured angst of his tracks which drives his modus operandi.  He is “Jim Morrisonesque” with deeply philosophical exploration of creativity and lyrics.  He is driven by his music to find his meaning, and each new album he puts out, the listener can tell he is searching for something he had yet to find.  I am simply excited to see how his future plays out.


The above track, you can hear the simplicity of the music behind Willis’ voice.  He is the centerfold of his music.  His voice is clear, declarative, and angry.  His music is a plea to his audience.  If you have time, explore his most profound album Nobody Knows.

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