Lee Fields and the Expressions..

Lee Fields, also known as “Little J.B,” puts on a hell of a show.  With a recording career spanning over forty years, and the last of a dying soul breed, Fields is a throwback to a sound that we have lost.  I had the wonderful opportunity to see Fields play this last winter along with the rest of his bands opening acts, and the show was spectacular.  The big band sound, with true back-up vocals, and watching Lee Fields himself on the stage be a true professional was an experience I will never forget.  He brought the house down and used the entire space available to him in order to make those of us in the audience have an experience.

As far as his albums go, I have yet to come across any not worth listening to.  However, my favorite came out in 2009 with My World.  From beginning to end, the album tells us his story of love, heartache, and struggle.  My favorite track is “Ladies,” because you hear his capabilities as an artist.  Like James Brown, he is able to pick up, and slow down, his cadence, which is able to deliver an awesome track.


BUT, his newest album to come out in 2016 titled Special Night has absolutely blown me away.  Just when you think he may possibly be out of gas, Fields has a way of proving me wrong, and I am never going to complain over the matter.  If you have time, and love sweet sweet soul, then please explore the extensive catalogue Lee Fields has been a part of, being featured with the likes of Sharon Jones and The El Michels Affair, Lee Fields continues to make music, and I love it.


Below is the first track off his newest album. Enjoy

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