Pacific Gas & Electric: Gospel, Soul, and Rock

With only one big hit (Are You Ready), Pacific Gas & Electric is one of those often forgotten great bands that emerged during the late 60’s and early 70’s.  With a fun mixture of soul, backed by gospel chorus’, and a fast electric guitar blend, all the albums I have been able to get my hands on have been fantastic.  They are the band you play when you have people over, because everyone enjoys them, and you do not have to worry about someone complaining or not enjoying it, and by the end of the evening someone comes and asks who was playing.  However, due to the myriad of music at the time, Pacific Gas & Electric could not sustain their success, struggling to find music beyond their seemingly one hit.  However, they did produce an excellent sound, and a few great albums.



My favorite album is simply titled Are You Ready after their hit single.  And the album does a great transition of a few favorite covers, mixed with both upbeat and slower  songs.  Again, I cannot recommend them enough, they are fun, relaxing, and sound great on a turntable.


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