Death Song: Recovery

I have been a huge Black Angels fan since their first album Passover in 2006.  They hit me just at the right time, freshman year of college..  Since then, they have released several fantastic other compilations, but none to me, had captured the monolithic magic of Passover.

Death Song, has brought me back to my college dorm room.  The gravity of their sound and minimalism of their lyrics are back, and I feel the power of the album.  With an opening track “Currency”, they set a powerful tone, and after it, the album plays like a book.  It drags you in, not letting you turn it off.  You may have things to do, or places to go, but the Death Song is coming along with you.

With the apparent return to their roots and influences such as Roky Erickson and the 13th Floor Elevators, The Black Angels will always be a band I follow.  I am grateful for the recovery of their sound; the weighted guitar, powerful percussion, and vocals that do not dominate the track.  Too often today are vocals the centerpiece instead of used as more of an instrument.  In Death Song, I feel as if Christian Bland is singing just as much with his guitar.

There are a few good live sessions of this track online, but they do not have the added audio.  This is my favorite track, and on vinyl, I feel that snare drum.

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